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Climate change, public affairs and policy professional.

Gender inclusivity is core to a country's growth ambitions. Such a platform supports the cause of making all sectors gender neutral.

Independent Consultant
, Delhi

An experienced working professional with about 15 years under the belt. I have been fortunate to lead work and teams at think tanks/not-for-profit organisations such as Smart Freight Centre and RMI and EVage Motors - an OEM start up. Have been part of the SFC and RMI founding teams to establish their India chapters with a focus on policy advocacy, stakeholder management, curating workshops, writing research reports and implementing policies plus campaigns on ground. Before diving into the policy space, I worked as a journalist covering policy, legal and other sectors in leading media houses.

Panelist at the FICCI's 14th Climate Policy and Business Conclave, 2023. Link: https://indiaclimateconclave.com/agenda-2023.pdf

Speaker/presenter at the Annual Women Economic Forum, 2023. Link: https://www.wef.org.in/speakers-for-annual-wef-2022/

Panelists at the E-Mobility Plus EV state summit. Delhi, 2022: Link: https://events.firstviewgroup.com/EVStateSummitDelhi

Published OpEds:

- Commercial vehicle policy can be EVs tipping point: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/small-biz/sme-sector/commercial-vehicle-policy-can-be-evs-tipping-point/articleshow/93534138.cms?from=mdr

- Renewable Energy-Powered Grid Key For Green Transport: C:UsersAshpreetDownloads- https:www.mobilityoutlook.comcommentaryrenewable-energypowered-grid-key-for-green-transport

- Commercial EV revolution- the way to a clean future: C:UsersAshpreetDownloads- https:evreporter.comcommercial-ev-revolution-the-way-to-a-clean-future

- Booster for electric trucks: How Budget 2023 can be pro zero-emission-trucks: https://evreporter.com/booster-for-electric-trucks-how-budget-2023-can-be-pro-zero-emission-trucks/

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