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Dr Mahreen Matto

Dr. Mahreen Matto is the Team Lead for the Sanitation Capacity Building Platform (SCBP) at the National Institute of Urban Affairs. Under her current position, she is undertaking technical support, research & advocacy, and knowledge building on Non-Sewered Sanitation (NSS) at the National level. She is also involved in

providing support to the cities and states of the Indian Himalayan Range through Parvat Manthan: Forum for Clean and Sustainable Hill States for scaling citywide sanitation under the lens of inclusivity and climate change.

National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), Team Lead

Environmental researcher and capacity building trainer with 15 years of experience in mainstreaming urban water and sanitation management across human settlements in India, South Asia and African Countries. The work includes research, capacity building, advocacy and project implementation on decentralized wastewater management, citywide inclusive sanitation, water and sanitation safety planning, preparation of city sanitation plans and faecal sludge and septage management.

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