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Lisa Kenney

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Researcher, Chulalongkorn University Transportation Institute

, Bangkok

Dr. Lisa Kenney is a Researcher at the Chulalongkorn University Transportation Institute in Bangkok, Thailand, and was previously a visiting fellow at the University’s School of Integrated Innovation. Dr. Kenney focuses on urban mobility in Thailand, with particular interests in governance, policy and planning, low-carbon transportation, improving safety and equitable access, and preparing for emerging technologies. She was previously the Smart Mobility Advisor for the Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council in New York State, USA, and also worked with the Northwest Territories, Canada government as an Energy Planning Analyst. Lisa holds a PhD in Decision Science, as well as Master’s degrees in Public Policy and in International Development. She was a Fulbright Fellow in Thailand, was an exchange student at Chiang Mai University, and has done graduate research in Vietnam.

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