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Lizbeth Godwin, Research Associate in Urban Mobility. She is specialised in PPP models in bus systems and transport governance.

Research Associate, Urban Transport, Centre for Public Policy Research Kochi
, Kochi

Lizbeth is an urban mobility enthusiast! She is currently a Research Associate at Centre for Public Policy Research. With over two years of experience in the mobility sector, she is an ardent researcher in bus systems in India. She is into studying PPP models in bus sector, regulatory and governance aspects of urban mobility. She has represented her organisation at various state level workshops and conferences as a speaker.

She is a post graduate in Economics with specialization in Urban Development. She is keen in implementing her knowledge of urban development and management to move towards a more sustainable path of development. She extensively works in the mobility sector to push for a more usage of public transportation.

Urban Mobility and Gender are her key areas of interest.

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