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Green Entrepreneur

I work in climatetech and environment sector and it will be good to connect with passionate women from the same sector to make a visible change.

Founder - GNG Agritech and Waste Management Pvt Ltd
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A socially and environmentally conscious professional with a strong academic background in Economics.

Currently, as a green entrepreneur, I lead GNG Agritech, a venture focused on converting wet waste into compost and biochar. By offering sustainable waste management solutions, we not only address environmental concerns but also enrich soil and combat climate change.

I am also the co-founder of GreenStories.co.in, a platform dedicated to raising awareness about the environment through curated and impactful stories. Additionally, I am involved in a venture mygreenstore.co.in that promotes urban greenery, aiming to create sustainable and vibrant environments that benefit communities and the planet.

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