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Prabha is an Urban Planner-Architect, currently working with EY Global Delivery Services in India as an Assistant Manager.

A women expert database is important in infrastructure development to promote diversity, inclusion, representation, talent development, and improved project outcomes, ultimately contributing to more equitable and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

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Prabha works closely with Infrastructure Advisory team in EY Australia and lead urban projects related to light rail transportation projects, educational infrastructure upgrades, urban precinct strategies, and market research for technology-driven transportation ventures. With expertise in market assessment, strategic policy advocacy, and project management, Prabha's holistic approach has been demonstrated in her previous work with multilateral agencies. Her profound familiarity with urban issues and ability to formulate innovative strategies reflect her commitment towards inclusive urban development. She has also been working for MDB projects, in collaboration with National and state government.

Towards Urban Sustainability: Impact of Blue and Green Infrastructure on Building Smart, Climate Resilient and Liveable Cities; Presented at SDGET Conference 2020 and Published by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group - 2021.

Rethinking public transport through the lens of universal accessibility, Elets News Network - 2021

Housing Location Choice, Residential Mobility and Satisfaction; Academic Research at IIT Kharagpur.

Affordable Housing; Presented at All India Technical Council Meet, held at Science City, Kolkata-2011.

Urban Waterfront; Presented at an International Symposium organized by CBE, Kolkata- 2013.

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