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Rithvika Rajiv is currently a Senior Program Associate at Safetipin. Her work examines the intersection of gender and mobility, with a focus on creating inclusive, safe, accessible and affordable public transport systems.

As women account for half the population, it is imperative that our voices are well heard in the development sector so that that we too can actively shape the world we inhibit.

, Gurugram

Having worked in the social development sector for over 3 years, focusing primarily on gender equity and mobility, I bring with me a nuanced understanding of the issues faced by women and gender minorities in everyday life.

At Safetipin, I have multiple responsibilities including action oriented- data driven research, policy and data analysis, stakeholder engagement, project management, communication and outreach. At present I am working on projects that center around youth mobility in India.

In my previous role at The Urban Catalysts, I have worked on projects that examined mobility of low-income women and its linkage with livelihoods in urban South Asia, parking management plans around metro stations to encourage low carbon transit etc.

Conference: International conference on resilient and liveable city planning, RLCP, Title: Age and Gender Mainstreaming in the Public Realm of Urban Kerala,2020

Shah, S., Rajiv, R. M., & Lokre, A. (2022). Moving Toward Gender-Equitable Transportation in Post-COVID-19 Urban South Asia. Transportation Research Record https://doi.org/10.1177/03611981221111369

Peer reviewed publications

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