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Bringing over 24 years of experience as a sustainability specialist in the built environment, my expertise lies in strategizing and planning for green projects, navigating green building codes and standards, and conducting performance evaluation and bench marking.

I offer support in sustainable design for thermal comfort, energy optimization, and the execution of Grid Interactive/Net Zero projects.

Beyond that, I enjoy providing training sessions to diverse stakeholders in both the public and private sectors throughout India, covering a range of sustainability-related topics.

The TUEWAS women expert database is important for several reasons. Firstly, it addresses the longstanding issue of gender imbalance in academia and professional spheres by providing a platform specifically dedicated to showcasing the expertise and achievements of women. This helps to challenge the prevailing stereotype that certain fields are predominantly male-dominated and highlights the significant contributions of women across various disciplines.

Secondly, the database serves as a practical resource for individuals and organizations seeking diverse perspectives and expertise. By featuring women experts from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, it enriches the pool of available talent and fosters exclusivity in decision-making processes, research collaborations, and project teams.

Thirdly, the TUEWAS database contributes to the advancement of knowledge and innovation by ensuring that the valuable insights and expertise of women are recognized, valued, and utilized. This not only benefits the individual experts by providing opportunities for visibility and professional growth but also enhances the quality and impact of research, development, and problem-solving efforts.

Overall, the TUEWAS women expert database plays a crucial role in promoting gender equality, diversity, and excellence in academia, research, and professional practice, ultimately contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society.

Associate Director
, Mumbai

Boasting over 24 years as a seasoned sustainability specialist in the built environment, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. My forte lies in devising strategic plans for green initiatives, adeptly navigating through green building codes and standards, and conducting meticulous performance evaluations and benchmarking exercises.

My focus extends to optimizing thermal comfort, enhancing energy efficiency, and spearheading the implementation of Grid Interactive/Net Zero projects. Moreover, I am passionate about imparting knowledge and regularly conduct training sessions for diverse stakeholders across the public and private sectors throughout India, covering a spectrum of sustainability-related topics.

• ACE -2024

• IGBC League- Mumbai Chapter (2018)

• BIG 5 construct India (2016 & 2017)

• Harz University, Wernigerode- Germany 2015

• ONGC energy Conservation week 2014

• EDRA Annual Conference, Edinburgh 2000

• Various Architecture colleges & private


Life cycle energy of materials in a office buildingsLife cycle energy of materials in a office buildings.IJSI (International Journal for Sustainable Innovations)(Vol.2,No.1., 2012)

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