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I've been working on decarbonizing passenger vehicles in India by focusing on policies and regulations promoting electrification and fuel efficiency improvements. My interests include e-mobility in India and emerging markets and carbon finance and fiscal policy. I also support data-driven advocacy for gender policy challenges.

I am a strong advocate of supporting women to leave their mark with excellence in any field of their choice. The TUEWAS Experts Database is a fantastic initiative helping to give more visibility to women working in the field of sustainability.

Senior Researcher, The International Council on Clean Transportation
, Ahmedabad


Public Leadership Credential, Harvard University (expected 2024)

M.S., Chemical Engineering, The Ohio State University, USA (2008)

B.E., Chemical Engineering, Dharmsinh Desai University, India (2005)

Shikha is an experienced professional in the field of clean transportation and sustainability. She currently serves as a Senior Researcher at the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) in India. Her role focuses on leading advanced research projects and fostering collaborations to decarbonize the road transport sector.

Prior to her work at ICCT, Shikha has worked as a sustainability professional with Big4 Consulting firms, renewable energy companies focused on biomass based fuels, and environmental consulting firms.

Notable outreach engagements:

• Speaker, Legal pathways for authorizing zero emission vehicle supply regulations in India, at the Electric Mobility Initiative 2024, organized by Shakti Foundation.

• Moderator, Panel discussion on strategies for decarbonizing freight sector, at the India Clean Transportation Summit co-organized by the ICCT and India’s G20 secretariat.

• Speaker, Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit 2023, Abu Dhabi, supported by the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, Government of UAE.

• Speaker, Panel on Urban Mobility, at the 17th Sustainability Summit organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry.

• Speaker, Mainstreaming women in India’s auto manufacturing sector, at Uddheshya 2023, organized by the World Resources Institute.

Key research projects and publications:

• Design of zero emission vehicle sales regulations for two-wheelers in India (ongoing), ICCT

• Meta-study of GHG lifecycle assessments on electric vehicles in India (ongoing), ICCT

• Analysis of carbon-linked frameworks for passenger vehicle taxation in India, ICCT

• Production and market cost-parity modelling for electric two-wheelers in India, ICCT

• Near-term incentives for electrifying ride-hailing vehicles in India, ICCT

• Regulatory pathways for demand and supply-side zero emission vehicle mandates, ICCT

• Incentivizing electric vehicles in fuel consumption standards in India, ICCT

• Overview of global zero-emission vehicle mandate programs, ICCT

• Hybrid and electric vehicles in India: current scenario and market incentives, ICCT

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