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Experience in the urban sector of 25 years working on integrated urban development across different sectors, inclusive planning, and capacity building. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

I believe women's perspective is critical They represent almost half of the population, and so whatever infrastructure is planned, needs to be planned, designed, and executed with their participation and decision-making, for it to be sustainable.

Independent Condultant
, Bangalore
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A visionary approach to urban development, capable of envisioning and planning for the future needs of a city or region.


Strategic Planning, Policy Development, Project Management, Community Engagement, Collaboration, Evidence based decision support systems, technology familiarity with geo-spatial and other urban planning/transportation planning tools.


Leadership: Developed, led, nurtured and mentored urban development team

Sustainable urban development: Urban planning and enabling environment, citywide inclusive sanitation planning, mobility planning (strategic, city level), development of decision support systems, development of data frame and indicators, capacity building- both public and private sector (needs assessment, curriculum development, content development, training delivery, training impact assessment)

Collaboration and Partnerships: Familiarity with working within government structures and collaborating with various government departments and also fostering collaborations between public and private sectors for urban development projects. Well-connected within the urban development community, and capable of building partnerships with local, regional, and international organizations.

Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills for effective interaction with stakeholders, at international and national public forums in conveying complex and urgent planning paradigms, tools, action plans to a diverse audience.

Transport & Urbanization

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Key Note Speaker, in Consultations on FSSM and Sanitation Value Chain with Urban Local Bodies in Delhi and West Bengal with Centre for Research and Advocacy (CFAR), November – December 2017

Speaker/Panel member, Localization of SDG 6 & 11 and WASH Tools implementation in small towns, Bangalore, Dec 2021

Speaker/Panel member, Conference on Small Town Urban Agenda, Enhancing Basic Services through Sustainable, Resilient and Circular WASH, 2023


Mobility, Planning and Governance

• Knowledge Products Prepared Under FCDO-SCI FI CPR- HUDD GoO Partnership

o New Habitat

o Urban Wage Employment Initiative off Odisha

o Online Tool for City-Level Slum Free Planning


• Book Chapter: Sujaya Rathi, Author on the Chapter on India in Pojani, D. Stead (Eds.), The Urban Transport Crisis in Emerging Economies, 1st ed. 2017, XV. This edited volume discuses urban transport issues, policies, and initiatives in twelve of the world’s major emerging economies – Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, and Vietnam - countries with large populations that have recently experienced large changes in urban structure, motorization and all the associated social, economic, and environmental impacts


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• Technology

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