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Country Director / Energy Efficiency Construction Specialist

The “TUEWAS Women Expert Database” will be useful to develop a network of professionals in related fields: working in transport, energy, water, environment/climate, and urbanism, especially for women. The fact that female experts appear more in important organizations, projects, and seminars will be a good motivation for female youth to move forward.

That's why, in addition to my professional work, I participate in many programs to empower and promote the development of women, especially in Vietnam.

Socna Vietnam
, Hanoi

From 2012 to 2023, Mrs. Thuy returned to Vietnam and took charge of managing the energy optimization segment of the Elithis Vietnam branch, and then became the Regional Director of Elithis Asia, Elithis Group (in 2016).In addition to her strong technical expertise, especially in the field of calculating and optimizing electrical consumption systems, energy optimization, and green building consulting, Mrs. Thuy also has extensive management experience with 12 years of project management experience and over 8 years of small business management.

Currently, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy has joined Socna Vietnam Co., Ltd. - a French company that provides consulting and design for construction projects. Here, she was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.

Besides her outstanding professional activities, Mrs. Thuy is also an active participant in social activities. In 2023, she joined as a mentor for the "ENERGISING WOMEN TO ADVANCE THE ENERGY TRANSITION 2023" program (a program of GIZ and GWNET).

Since July 2023, Mrs Thy is an active member of the Coordination Board of Vietnam Energy Women Network, originally established by GIZ Vietnam in October 2022.

1. "HERstory in STEM" Workshop - 2024 https://vsse.vn/du-an-she4future-thuc-day-the-he-nu-stem-tai-nang-tai-viet-nam/

2. “Repurposing industrial heritage with a focus on innovation and sustainability” - 2022

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